How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

Learn professional tips on how to plant a bonsai tree, in this free video. Expert: Mike Hansen Bio: Mike Hansen, owner of Midwest Bonsai, has been growing, caring, selling, and instructing others in bonsai care for years. Mike is an expert bonsai master.

25 thoughts on “How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree”

  1. omg, i never mentioned i could raise my own bonsai but with your tips i already have 2

  2. @zihuetlachtli I would tell you the second rule, however the first rule forbids me from speaking of the second rule…

  3. 外人も盆栽するんだな、日本人より日本的だ

  4. I break this rule myself all the time, especially because bonsai pots aren’t cheap and the right one is hard to find. But the pot should be only as thick as the thickest part of the trunk at the base. So for example, that pot is about 4 times too large for that tree.

  5. do you agree with using moss- i dont and i think you would be hard pressed to find any successfull bonsai artist who would use moss by its self as bonsai soil. shagnium moss can be added to soil mixes. its most commin use in bonsai is for air layering. if you are talking about moss that grows on top of the soil for aesthetics then its up to you. just be sure you can tell if the soil is getting dry and that the moss isnt taking over the entire pot

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