scadoxus includes approximately 9 species of perennial bulbous herbs from tropical Africa and Arabia. Nu- merous leaves are arranged in a basal whorl distinguishing these species from Haemanthus species, which have one pair of leaves. Pet- als are linear. Filaments are long and showy. Flowers emerge before the leaves. Like many bulbous plants, these have a short but spec- tacular blooming season. Plant the large bulbs so their shoulders are even with the ground surface. Suit- able for containers.





Scadoxus multiflorus

Catherine’s wheel, blood – lily

Synonym: Haemanthus katherinae.

Southern Africa, Swaziland. Sea- sonally dormant or evergreen bul- bous herb 18-30 in, zones 10-11. Blooms late spring, early summer. Moist during active growth, dry when dormant. Fertile, well-drained soil. Part sun to bright filtered light. Flowers: in globular heads of radiat ing red filaments to 7 in. diameter, scape 14-18 in, tall. Leaves: strap- shaped, in a basal whorl, bases joined in a pseudostem. Grow in pots only slightly larger than the bulb.

Scadoxus puniceus

Red paintbrush

Royal paintbrush

Synonyms; Haemanthus natalensis, Haemanthus puniceus. South Africa, seasonally dormant herb to 18 in zones 10-11 . Blooms spring. Moist during active growth, dry when dor- mant. Humus-rich, well- drained soil. part sun to bright filtered light. Flowers: perianth small, stamens, showy, red, in dense, brushlike um- bels, surrounded by an involucre of green bracts, scape 12-18 in, tall. leaves: spear-shaped, margins deeply undulate, in basal rosettes. The species name alludes to the color of pomegranate flowers in the genus punica.


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