Victoria – Victoria amazonica


Victoria includes 2 species of rooted aquatic herbs. 1 each from the Amazon and Parana river basins. leaves are round, to seveval feet wide, floating. The margins are upturned and red- bristled bellow in V. amazonica. Leaves of V. cruziana, from the Parana basin in Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Argentina, have green upturned margins, are densely hairy below, and tolerates cooler water temperatures than V. amazonica. Petioles are attached to the center of the bottom of the leaves. Very dramatic and only suitable for large water gardens.

Victoria amazonica


       South America (Amazon basin). Rooted aquatic herb, zones 10-11. Blooms   warm months. Wet.pond muck. Full sun. Flowers: cup- shaped, petals and stamens nu- merous, white on first day becom-ing pink, sepals prickled, floating. Leaves: orbicular, 3-6ft, wide, un-derside red, bristled and corru-gated along the veins, margins sharply upturned 2-6 in, red, float-ing. Needs warm water temperature to thrive. The similar’ longwood” tolerates somewhat cooler water.

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