help with breeding mealworms

i made this video so people that breed mealworms can tell me if im doing everything right. i havnt seen babys yet and its been 3 weeks. i know it takes a while for babys but i was looking in the oats with a magnifying glass and i still dont see any type of movement but after looking for about 10 mins i decided to move somke oats and look at the bottom well i find some random brown things and i guess they are eggs, im not 100% sure. the darkling beetles have been in the new oats for about a week and a half so im about to put them in new oats. i just wanna make sure im not doing anything wrong, i dont wanna be wasting time if im messing up some how. i recently ordered 1000 meal worms to give my breeding a big boost so ill have a alot darklings. but if i understand correctly each female lays 250-350 eggs per life time. if anyone can give me a hand that would be great, thanks