Create a Bonsai Garden

Cultivating bonsai trees can become a lifelong hobby.  Many people enjoy the peaceful art of shaping and growing these unique plants.  One of the latest trends is to use bonsai in your landscaping or as a focal point in your yard.  Creating a bonsai garden can be a rewarding experience that helps you to enjoy…

Everything You Need to Know to Grow an Awesome Indoor Bonsai Tree – Part II

In Part I of my article on Indoor Bonsai we talked about the distinctions between an indoor and an outdoor bonsai, and typically what characterizes an indoor bonsai tree. In this report we’re going to focus on a few of the most widely regarded indoor bonsai plants, and additionally recommendations on how to pick the…

Save Energy With the Right Landscaping

You are in the process of modernizing your home, and as such you would also like to do some contemporary landscaping. (Contemporary- existing or occurring at, or dating from, the same period of time as something or somebody else). You would really like to do your own landscaping, but are considering hiring professional landscapers because…

A Feng Shui Expert Meets with Local Landscape Designer Part Three

Part three shows another side of the home where we will incorporate Feng Shui into the landscaping project. Also, learn about our Landscaping Table available for only $8. Visit our website at

How to breed and raise crickets

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Landscaping Design Ideas

Most homeowners already have one or more Most homeowners already have one or more landscaping design ideas fixed firmly in their mind when they contact Exterior Worlds. They may have seen visited our landscaping design portfolio and seen the work we have done for other homeowners in neighborhoods like West University, Bellaire, River Oaks, and…

Bonsai Beginners – Caring For Your Blue Juniper

If you are a beginning bonsai artist then you might want to select and Juniper for your first tree. This is a beautiful species of tree which tolerates a wide range of conditions and is a good species for the cascade or kengai style where the branches in the trunk grow out over the container…

how to breed\raise mealworms

how to breed\raise mealworms

Flower Garden Design With Concrete Fountains

A concrete fountain is a great addition to any backyard, since it can transform yard into an entirely different outdoor living space. Concrete fountains can be placed into almost any garden setting, giving your garden the theme or perhaps time period you envisioned. Concrete patios can also put a lot of charm into a small…

Amano shrimps – how to breed / raise zoes

A basic guide based on my experience of breeding caridina multidentata.

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