Corn crop estimates continue low

download (2) Two more private forecasting firms have checked in with yield estimates for the current corn crop that are under the most recent U.S. Department of Agriculture predictions.

Allendale inc. has pegged the corn yield at 147.7 bushels per acre. Informa Economics puts the yield at 151 bushels.

Those numbers are in line with the 146.3 bushels per acre by FC Stone and 147.9 bushels per acre by Professional Farmers of America. Iowa State University agronomy meteorologist Elwynn Taylor has put the crop at 149 bushels per acre.

The August forecast by the USDA put the national yield at 153 bushels per acre, a drop from an earlier estimate f 158.9 bushels per acre.

The U.S. corn yield last year was 153 bushels per acre. In 2009 the national yield was 164 bushels per acre.

Iowa’s yields tend to be about ten percent above the national average. The USDA has put Iowa’s yield this year at 177 bushels per acre, better than the 164 bushels in 2010 but behind the 182 bushels per acre two years ago.

The corn crop is thought to be stressed this year because of the extra-hot weather in July during pollination, when temperatures rose about ten degrees warmer than the upper 80s levels that corn like during the crucial reproductive season.

The latest forecast may have headed off a severe drop in corn prices Tuesday on the Chicago Board of Trade. After being down almost 14 cents per bushel in midmorning trading, corn rallied to being down just 2 cents per bushel for the December contract to $7.56 just before the 1:15 p.m. close.

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