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top_01 National Plant Genetic Resources Conservation of Vietnam

Target on Conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources (PGR) for food and agriculture as follow:
– In Socioeconomic aspect, PGR are conserved in long-term and satify for/to:
+ Sustainable agricultural development,
+ Ensure food security,
+ Environment protect.
– About Science and Reality, PGR conservation contributes to:
+ introduces plant germplasm as varieties to cultivate,
+ provide material to create a new variety by cross-breeding,
+ other goals of science research.
History and Activities
Activities in early stage:
PGR conservation mission had been carried out in Vietnam after the First World War At that time, Indo-Chinese was an important place in the field of rice export. French collected and preserved local rice germplasm to select good varieties that suitable to export such as their colonial policy. At the same time, They also imported coffee and Rubber varieties to establish plantations. These Activities leaded to research on the plants.
Activities on PGR conservation after war of resistance against the French colonialist:
After Agreement Genève, conservation of Agro-plant resources are conducted at both areas. In the North, early of the 1960s, Academy of Agro-Forestry has collected rice germplasm, many of them have been preserving up to now. The First collections of fruit-trees and industrial plants were established at Phu Ho, Phu Tho and Phu Quy, Nghe An. Activities were interrupted by war and economic crisis after that. These were also causes that destroyed or downgraded establishment of research and education and inhibited PGR conservation activities.
Preservation action is systematic
Since 1987, Committee of Science and Engineering (now the Ministry of Science and Technology) promulgated temporary regulation of PGR conservation, this mission have been conducting more regular.
In 1996, Plant Genetic Resources Center (PGRC) was set up base on upgrade Division of Crop Resources of Vietnam Agricultural Sciences Institute and renamed Plant Resources Center (PRC) of Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS) by 220/QD-TTg Decision of the Prime Minister by 2005.
23/2006/QD-BNN Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development assigned functions, tasks and organizational structure of the PRC. As follow this Decision, PRC is responsible for research, collect, preserve and exploit the use of National plant resources. The Center continues to be focal point of National PGR conservation network.
Presently the system has collected and stored a large number of genetic resources which contain many varieties that only has in our country and most do not exist in production or in nature, namely:
– PRC is conserving 14.328 germplasm of 85 species of orthodox plants in Seed Gene Bank and 1963 germplasm of 31 species of asexual reproduce plants in Field Gene Bank.
– 18 Member of the Network are preserving 6.424 germplasm of 275 plant species.
Participation of Vietnam in the PGR conservation of the world.
– Join the Convention on Biodiversity (Rio de Janero, Brazil.-1992)
– Join the Global Plan of Action on PGR conservation for food and agricultural. (Germany – 1996)
– Join the Pact of Plant Genetic Resources for food and agricultural (FAO – 2001)
– Join to establish the National Information Sharing Mechanism on the Implementation of the Global Plan of Action for the Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
And other activities


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