ARALIACEAE – Osmoxylon – Osmoxylon lineare


Aralia Family, ginseng family

Araliaceae includes 47-84 genera of shrubs, trees, woody climbers, epiphytes, and rarely herbs, whith are widely distributed but most diverse in Indonesia and the Americas. This family could also be more broadly circum scribed in the family Apiaceae. Hedera and  Polyscias are frequently cultivated as  foliage plants in temperate and tropical climates. Some species aer armed with prickles. Leaves are leathery, often deeply divided or compound and spirally arranged. juvenile leaves  sometimes differ from adult leaves. Flowers are reduced and bisexual, or unisexual with male and female flowers on the same plant or on different plants.


Osmoxylon includes approximately 50 species from Malaysia, Taiwan, and the western Pacific Islands. These unarmed tropical evergreens are unusual in cultivation though they are very attractive foliage plants. The leaves are simple or palmately lobed, the bases often fringed. Plants are suitable for containers and japanese – style land – scaping.

Osmoxylon lineae

 Synonym: Boerlagiodendron lineare Micronesia. Evergreen shrub, 2-3 ft.+, zones 10-11. Blooms warm months. Regular moisture. Average to fertile, well – drained soil. Part sun or bright filtered light. Flowers: reduced, russet, in flat – topped terminal clusters, fruit whitish. Leaves: palmatifid, 5 narrow lobes cut almost to the petiole, margins with widely spaced teeth. A spreading shrub. Said to be somewhat salt tolerant. Suitable for containers. Unusual in cultivation.

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