How to Get Petunias to Keep Blossoming


Petunias are an annual flower that offer profuse blooms through the late spring to early fall. With shades of yellow, purple, red, pink and white, there is a color for every landscape. There are two main types of petunias — grandiflora and multiflora. Grandiflora petunias have large flower heads and grow well in baskets or containers. Multiflora petunias are smaller, but grow well in borders and beds.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Water
  • Fertilizer
    1. Plant petunias in a sunny location. They need at least six hours of sunlight daily to produce blooms. If your plant is growing few flowers, it may not be getting enough sun.
    2. Pinch back grandiflora and multiflora petunias when they are 6 inches tall. Side shoots will grow and the plant will form a bushier shape. Do not pinch spreading petunias.
    3. Remove faded and dead flowers to prolong blooming. Deadhead them by grasping the flower and portion below where the seeds grow, then snapping it off. Not only will new flowers grow, but the plant will look well-groomed.
    4. Water petunias to keep the soil moist. Pay close attention to flowers that are in containers because they will dry out faster. Water the plants in the morning and make sure the foliage is not wet in the evenings when there is a higher chance of disease.
    5. Apply a liquid fertilizer to petunias once every 10 to 14 days. Combine this method with a slow-release food for best results. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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