Colors of Peonies


Of all the flowers you can grow, peonies are often the most luxurious and spectacular blooms in an early summer garden. Among the many reasons to grow peonies are fragrance and color. Doubles are extremely fragrant whereas single blooms are much lighter. Some have no scent at all. Colors range from white, cream and ivory through myriad pinks and roses. Several lovely yellows, which are intersectional crosses between herbaceous and tree forms, are also available, though the cost for these rare peonies is high.


  • Peonies come in many shades of pink.

    Peonies come in a large range of pinks, all the way from soft baby pink to stunning, bright fuchsia pink. The Albert Crousse variety is a double-flowered peony that comes in a light pink, is mildly fragrant and is a graceful addition to any cut arrangement.


  • Peonies also come in several variations of white and cream.

    White peonies come in variations of crisp whites and soft creamy whites. The Amalia Olson variety is an all-white variety that may have a tinge of blush upon opening. This variety is very sturdy and highly fragrant making it a favorite for cut arrangements.


  • Yellow peonies are a relatively new color on the market.

    The yellow varieties of peonies are a stunning addition to any garden. These varieties are a bit more rare and will be more costly. The Itoh Bartzella is a vigorous, bright yellow variety that can have blooms up to 6 inches in diameter, making for a stellar show. It is also used as a cut flower with a mild, spicy fragrance.

Multiple Colors

  • You can also find varieties of peonies that have multiple colors among their blooms. The Bric Brac variety has twisted petals of cream to white with magnificent cherry colored, streaked ruffles along the edges of the petals. This peony brings both color and texture to the garden.

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