How to Identify and Care for an Aberdeen Tulip


The Aberdeen Tulip grows from a bulb and is of the liliaceae family. The cultivar is Aberdeen. It will grow in zones 3 to 8 and, under certain conditions, zones 9 and 10. The AHS heat zone has not been defined for this plant. It is a perennial used in landscaping. It thrives in areas that have dry summers and cold winters the best, but can be grown in other zones with proper preparation.

Moderately Challenging


    1. Identify the Aberdeen Tulip by its large silvery pink or white blooms. The blooms have a silvery gray around the edges. The deciduous foliage is green and holds the single flowers erect.
    2. Plant the Aberdeen Tulip according to your zone. They like to be planted in large drifts and are slope tolerant. They can be used in rock gardens, as overplantings or even grown inside in containers to be used as a cut flower. If you grow the bulbs in zones 9 and 10, you must pre-cool them at 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 to 10 weeks before you plant them.
    3. Plant the bulbs in fertile soil. It must be a soil that drain well and have a slightly acidic content to it. The best would be a sandy loam and loam mixture with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Plant them in an area that gets dappled sun to some sun, but not in full sun. They should at least get the afternoon sun for a few hours. If you are in zones 7 through 10, plant them in a shady area that gets only morning sun. Plant them about four inches deep. Tulips are best planted in the early fall, unless you live in zones 9 and 10, then plant in the late winter.
    4. Fertilize young plants with a phosphorus fertilizer to help with root development. Once the plants are established, you can use an all-around water-soluble, quick release fertilizer or an organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion. Be sure to read the instructions on the package, especially for organic fertilizers, as different brands may be different strengths or may contain different ingredients.
    5. Water the tulips with at least one inch of water every week. Be sure to deep water them, allowing the water to reach the deepest roots. Do not allow the soil to become waterlogged. If you have a problem with draining in the area you planted, you may have to build a drainage system.

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