How to Plant Stella De Oro Daylilies


Hardy perennials that require little care, Stella de Oro daylilies are great flowers for the busy gardener. Called daylilies because each flower lives only a day, these flowers will be beautiful additions to your flower garden. Buy your plants from a local garden supply store or a greenhouse.



Things You’ll Need
  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer or compost (if desired)
    1. Choose a sunny place away from trees and larger plants like bushes and shrubs. The location should receive at least six hours of sunlight per day.
    2. Wait to plant the daylily until early spring if you desire flowers in the summer. Planting can happen later in the year, but reduces the chances of the daylily flowering that year.
    3. Till the soil or aerate it with a hoe. Add fertilizer or compost, if desired.
    4. Dig a hole deep enough to hold the daylily’s roots comfortably, without bending. Place the daylily in the hole. Cover with soil so that the part where the stem and roots meet is about an inch below the ground. Water the plant.
    5. The daylily requires little extra care to flourish. If the soil is dry, add about an inch or two of water from a watering can. In the winter, protect the roots from the frost and cold by laying down some straw or newspapers around the base of the plants.

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