How to Plant Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera daisies (also known as gerber daisies) are mainly known for their bright, vibrant blooms. Gerbera daisies are hardy plants that are considered perennials in mild climates, and annuals in areas where freezing temperatures are common during winter months. The gerbera daisy plants don’t need any special treatment to grow and thrive, but they do prefer certain conditions.



things you’ll need:
  • Gerbera daisy plants
    1. Select gerbera daisies at your local garden center or nursery. Choose plants that look healthy, with deep green leaves and healthy-looking flowers. Look for new growth, in the form of new, small leaves and flower buds.
    2. Find an area of your yard where you can plant your gerbera daisies. In most areas, full sun is needed. If you’re in the Deep South, however, summer temperatures are too hot to allow the gerbera daisy to flourish in full sun. In the Deep South, find an area that will give your gerbera daisy partial sun.
    3. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the gerbera daisy’s pot, and the same depth as the pot. Set the loose soil that you remove from the hole aside.
    4. Place the daisy into the hole, and fill the area around the sides of the root ball with the loose soil you removed from the hole.
    5. If you plant more than one gerbera daisy plant, space them 12 to 18 inches apart, to allow their root systems to develop properly.
    6. Water when the soil appears and feels dry. This varies by climate. In the Deep South, for instance, this could be more than once a day.

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