Where Do I Plant a Gerber Daisy Outside?


A Gerbera daisy has the botanical name Gerbera jamesonii and is a perennial in the southern states. In the northern United States, however, it’s an annual plant, as the plant can’t handle colder temperatures.


  • Gerbera plants do best when planted in mild temperatures where the nighttime temperature doesn’t reach below 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Gerbera.org advises to only water the plants when they are fairly dry during the winter months. Water regularly during blooming periods and fertilize every two weeks.


  • The aphid, more commonly known as "plant lice," is the most common pest to attack gerbera daisies. Other known pests include the white fly and thrips; both bugs will destroy plant tissue.

Natural Habitat

  • The Gerbera daisy is a tropical perennial flower, and was first found in the African countries. In the United States, it’s more at home in the southern states due to the more humid conditions.

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