How to Make Calla Lilies Freeze Dry


Freeze-drying is considered the best preservation method for Calla Lilies according to many flower experts such as Gayle Christie from Freeze-drying takes about four weeks total for the process and allows your flowers to stay in a permanent arrangement that does not age, wither or die. Freeze-drying flowers is often done for very special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

Moderately Challenging


things you’ll need:
  • Freeze drier
  • Calla lilies
  • Freeze Dry sealing solution
  • Flower wire
  • Shadow box
    1. Take a photo of your bouquet arrangement. This is important if you wish to maintain the original look of the bouquet because you will need to freeze dry each flower separately.
    2. Place each calla lily individually into the freeze-dry machine to avoid any bruises. Be as gentle as possible when placing them in the freeze drier.
    3. Turn on the freeze-dryer. Make sure the temperature is set for -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Over a four week period, the freeze dry machine will bring the flowers up to room temperature. Some models of freeze-dryers don’t raise the temperature automatically. If this is the case, raise the temperature by 5 degrees every two days. Do not go above room temperature.
    4. Remove each flower one at a time from the freeze-dry machine. Be very gentle.
    5. Dip each flower one by one into the a freeze dry sealing solution. This solution forever seals the look of your flowers. Allow flowers to sit out for at least 38 hours for the solution to dry. Do not put under sunlight and keep out of humid environments.
    6. Arrange your bouquet to your desire. Be gentle when handling the flowers Use wires to keep to keep the bouquet in place.
    7. Place your bouquet in a shadow box for permanent display. A shadow box is the equivalent of a picture frame for flowers.

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