Cymbidium Orchid Colors


  • Cymbidium orchids are the most popular and most grown orchid variety. There are 44 different species of cymbidiums. The easy to grow flowers come in a range of shapes and colors and adapt well to most growing conditions. Cymbidium plants bloom profusely, often producing up to 20 to 30 flowers on one spike. The plants have leathery, narrow leaves and irregularly shaped, waxy flowers with contrasting centers.

Cymbidium Sunlight

  • Cymbidium sunlight are bright yellow cymbidiums. The flowers are a cross between lovely bunny and golden elf. The plants produce abundant flowers and bloom in October.

Cymbidium Geyserland

  • Cymbidium geyserland is a fall blooming cymbidium variety. The flowers are pale green in color with red-spotted cream centers.

Cymbidium Pink Delight

  • Cymbidium pink delight has light pink flowers with a yellow center with plum spots. Pink delight is the result of a cross between Peter Pan and erythrostylum and is among the free blooming and earliest flowering cymbidiums. The plants bloom in September and October.

Cymbidium Kristen

  • Cymbidium Kristen has a compact growth habit and blooms with tall spikes of small, maroon flowers with pinkish-cream centers. The flower is the result of a cross between mimi and canaliculatum. Cymbidium Kristen blooms in May.

Cymbidium The Charmer

  • The charmer is a cross between fifi and sanderae and has cream, yellow-tinted flowers with dark yellow, burgundy spotted centers. The plants bloom profusely between March and May.

Cymbidium Maureen Carter

  • Maureen Carter is the result of a cross between sinense and sleeping beauty. The flowers are regal white with white centers and bloom in winter.

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