Kiwifruit growers ready for worst


Waikato’s kiwifruit sector is in lockdown as fearful growers rally to fight the potentially devastating disease Psa after the virulent strain was discovered in a Waihi orchard. Richard Glenn, a Hamilton grower and co-ordinator for Kiwifruit Vine Health, the biosecurity body created last year to fight the bacterial disease, says Waikato growers were "rocked" by…

Kiwifruit growers ‘prepare for worst’


With around six orchards a day in New Zealand’s kiwifruit capital now being diagnosed with the most virulent form of Psa disease, next year’s crop is in peril, says the $1.5 billion export industry. Industry Psa fighting group, KiwifruitVineHealth, said it is ”preparing for the worst,  hoping for the best” with increasing reports of Bay…

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