How to Deadhead Tiger Lilies


Traditional orange tiger lilies often are confused with orange day lilies that grow profusely along roadsides across much of rural America. Tiger lilies are similar in color, but the inner petals contain dark spots similar to a tiger’s coat. Petals curl backward, creating a downward facing bloom. The stalk of the tiger lily resembles the…

How to Care for Tiger Lilies


In mid to late summer, perennial tiger lilies produce large, orange, speckled flowers with a sweet, strong fragrance. Because tiger lilies spread rapidly, propagating in several ways, they grow wild on ditch banks and in meadows. Their dark, vivid color makes them showstoppers, especially when planted as a backdrop to other flowers. Difficulty: Moderately Easy…

Tiger Lilies Growing Requirements


With their orange petals dotted with purplish-brown spots, it might seem as if colorful tiger lilies should instead be called leopard lilies. The website Flora of North America notes many lilies are nicknamed tiger lilies, but only the Lilium lancifolium is a true tiger lily. This summer-bloomer does well in USDA zones 3 through 9.…

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