How to Propagate Sweet Autumn Clematis


Sweet autumn clematis, or Clematis terniflora, is an easy-to-grow climbing vine that produces star-shaped white flowers of ineffable charm. It may bloom from late summer into mid-fall. Its flowers give off a heady, vanilla-like scent. Sweet autumn clematis will twine itself around trees, arbors, gazebos, fences, railings — in short, anything in its path. When…

How to Root Sweet Autumn Clematis


Sweet Autumn clematis (Clematis terniflora) is an aptly named clematis cultivar. With fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers, Sweet Autumn fills the garden with a heavenly scent from late summer to autumn. Sweet Autumn grows rapidly and will cover a support structure with 20 foot-long vines in one season. Considered invasive in some regions, it is best…

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