How to Save a Tuberous Begonia


The tuberous begonia derives its name from the fact that it grows from a bulb-like structure known as a tuber. The tubers require a period of dormancy over the winter, yet rot if allowed to freeze and thaw. Therefore, growers save their tuberous begonias by digging them up and storing them over the winter. Difficulty:…

Can You Save Begonias Over the Winter?


It’s hard to say goodbye to the tuberous begonia’s delicate blooms once summer fades. The good news is that you can store these tubers over winter and enjoy another breathtaking floral display next year. Time Frame It’s time to overwinter tuberous begonias when their foliage is injured by the first fall frost, according to the…

How to Save a Neglected Hoya Plant


Hoya plants are tropical plants from eastern Asia and Australia. They form large vines with thick, dark green leaves. They are popular because of their ability to adapt to almost any environment. Since they require very little maintenance, even neglected hoyas can be nursed back to health. If you have a neglected hoya, bring it…

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