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Dubai’s rice re-export trade gains strength


DUBAI: Dubai is taking new steps to strengthen its role as a regional re-export hub for rice and other commodities. With re-exports having almost doubled over the past five years, Dubai is now described as ...

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Country to keep 3.8 million hectares of rice cultivation land


(CPV)– The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has submitted a plan to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung which aims to encourage agricultural development nationwide until 2020, with a vision to 2030. Under ...

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Vietnam rice price shoots up


HANOI (Commodity Online) : Rice price in Vietnam, world’s largest rice exporter climbed sharply after global demand picked up, according to Viet Nam Food Association (VFA). Purchasing price of material rice last week jumped by ...

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VN, Sierra Leone foster rice, seafood ties


VGP – Việt Nam and Sierra Leone will work to bolster cooperation on seafood and rice production, through the exchange of experts in the field. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyễn Thị Xuân ...

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Summer-autumn rice prices escalate


Rice prices have soared to an all time high of VND6,400-6,700 per kilogram, causing farmers to hold on to their rice in expectation of higher rates while traders are stockpiling the grain in large quantities. ...

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Rice output likely to fall sharply in South Korea


SEOUL (Commodity Online): Fast growing industrialization in South Korea is likely to its agriculture as country’s Rice production is likely to hit to ten year low this season. According to Korea Rural Economic Institute, South ...

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Rice export: many businesses “give up the games”


After two months, the rice exporters who cannot meet the requirements stipulated in the Decree No 109, will be weeded out. To date, only 20 businesses have been recognized as meeting the requirements to become ...

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Excessive rice cultivation puts soil fertility at risk


Southern Institute for Agricultural Science and Technology director Bui Chi Buu spoke with the newspaper Nong thon Ngay nay (Countryside Today) about plans to expand the area under rice cultivation. We do not know the ...

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Thailand to start rice pledging from November


BANGKOK (Commodity Online) : World’s largest Rice exporter Thailand said it will form a Rice Policy Committee before starting the rice pledging in November. This will enable country’s new government to pay farmers Bt15,000 a ...

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Whirlwinds damage over 2,000ha of rice


DONG THAP — Heavy rains and whirlwinds ruined over 2,000ha of summer-autumn rice in southern Dong Thap Province’s Thanh Binh District on Monday afternoon. The rice yield is forecast to be 20-30 per cent reduced. ...

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