CME: Grain and Protein Supplies Down


US – USDA provided yesterday its latest forecasts on grain and protein supplies for 2011/12 and the data generally was more negative than the August forecast, write Steve Meyer and Len Steiner. On the grain front, USDA lowered its estimates of US corn yields this fall. The reduction was hardly surprising given the recent flurry…

Protein crop trials to boost soil quality


THE most colour at Cropvale is from a trial looking at short-term protein crops and whether they could have a role in the UK. Mr Long said it was not so much about getting forage from these crops, but growing them for a short period in the summer to fix nitrogen and improve the soil.…

Wheat market outlook (conclusion)


Last wheat I was talking about the wheat market, and the fact that wheat is not wheat, all in preparation for a 20 minute outlook for the wheat market at the AAEA conference in Pittsburgh. I want to finish what I started. Earlier I talked about the distinction between high and low protein, red vs.…

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