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Spain overtakes drought-hit UK in grain production


UK grain crops have suffered worst among Europe’s big cereals producers from the dry spring, leaving the country set to fall behind Spain in the region’s grain-growing table. Coceral analysts slashed to 273.8m tonnes their ...

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Resilient UK wheat exports beat official forecast


Wheat exports from the UK have beaten official forecasts for 2010-11 with one month to spare, raising the prospect of a downgrade to a stocks estimate already pegged at a historic low. UK wheat exports ...

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Iraqi Wheat Production At 1.8m Tons


Iraq’s wheat production amounts to 1.8 million metric tons this year and the country is due to become an exporter of the grain by 2015, Deputy Agriculture Minister Ghazi Al-Abudi said.  Output is on course ...

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VIET NAM NATIONAL LIVESTOCK CORPORATION ( VINALIVESCO ) Add: 519 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Ha Noi. Tel: 84-4 38621814; 84-4 38621688; 84-4 36366688 *Fax : 84-4 38623645 Email : vilico@vilico.vn; SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF ...

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