Where Do I Plant a Gerber Daisy Outside?


A Gerbera daisy has the botanical name Gerbera jamesonii and is a perennial in the southern states. In the northern United States, however, it’s an annual plant, as the plant can’t handle colder temperatures. Care Gerbera plants do best when planted in mild temperatures where the nighttime temperature doesn’t reach below 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Gerbera.org…

Can Calla Lilies Be Planted Outside?


Calla lilies, which are not cold-hardy, are grown as potted plants in many northern locations. The flowers can be planted outside if the right conditions and care are present. It’s common to purchase calla lily plants which are already potted and started, then transfer them outdoors to a garden environment. Alternatively, gardeners may start callas…

Cymbidium Orchids That Will Grow Well Outside in Tennessee


Cymbidium orchids bloom in profuse clusters, with up to 20 large flowers on each stem. Five soft petals that surround a protruding "lip" on this exotic flower bloom in numerous color combinations. This hardy orchid prefers to be outdoors for at least part of the year. In Tennessee, put your cymbidium orchid outdoors in a…

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