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how to breed your nintendogs

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How To Breed Two Nintendogs

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How to breed Nintendogs.AVI

Decrepition of how to breed Nintendogs

How to breed on the rarest nintendog game with the rarest breeds!!!

The gold nintendog game (Best Friends) is very uncommon and can’t be used with a cheat code. so its the game your really gonna have to work at. if you find it at a game stop then its your lucky day! or you can find one at a game place for a lot of money.…

how to breed on nintendogs

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Nintendogs: how to breed

dont walk them, bathe them, play with them, and take them for walks of competitions.

Nintendogs-How to breed a puppy

OMG. My dogs were cuddling very close!!!!! I made this video for my classmates because they like this game, sooooo, ENJOY IT, LOL, remember the other dogs? I donate them because, they went for a walk =( Well enjoy it. XD

How to breed nintendogs

Two ways to breed your dogs. i hope it’s helpful.

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