My nintendogs have a puppy

hey my nintendogs have had a puppy. This is how i did it 1. i got 1 male lab and 1 female lab(they can be any breed) and when you buy them make sure they have the friendly personallity 2.let them get to like each other and cuddle up together 3.feed them milk and dryfood…

Nintendogs – doggies can breed!

Dudes…Im Tired of all those poeple asking me…all you have to do in this secret is to buy tow dogs a male and a famale and let to become friends feed it only milk and dry food, after few days the famale it shows fatter and after 4 days the famale birth only a puppy.…

Nintendogs: “How To Save A Life” by ~the Frey~ (read description) 200TH VIDEO!!!

YES I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!! i got a new breeding couple you dont have to keep telling me that! i like the way the Shibe Inu looks on here WAYYY more than the setland Sheepdog does!! anyway, you mightofe seen in the vid that my female, Mishka was a little fat well dugh!!!…

Re: Nintendogs – How to breed puppies

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How to get your Nintendogs to have a puppy

Nintendogs are cute! here is a little secret………puppies!

how to breed your nintendogs

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How To Breed Two Nintendogs

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How to breed Nintendogs.AVI

Decrepition of how to breed Nintendogs

How to breed on the rarest nintendog game with the rarest breeds!!!

The gold nintendog game (Best Friends) is very uncommon and can’t be used with a cheat code. so its the game your really gonna have to work at. if you find it at a game stop then its your lucky day! or you can find one at a game place for a lot of money.…

how to breed on nintendogs

hope this helps!!

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