What Does a Calla Lily Need for Potting Soil?


With generous blooms and deep green, glossy foliage, Calla lilies provide an easy, showy display. The flowers now come in bright colors as well as creamy white, shooting up through the leaves on tubular stems. They have a rolled appearance, similar to the inside of a rose. They bloom throughout the year and when they’re…

Turning sour: the need to reform the dairy industry


The continuing demise of dairy farms in the United Kingdom is a situation we can no longer ignore, says Dr Daniel Poulter. The declining number of British dairy units is due to rising fuel and other input costs, coupled with a lower per-litre price paid for liquid milk. Despite the outstanding animal-welfare standards that British…

What Do Wax Begonias Need to Survive?


Wax begonias are a hardy, low-maintenance flowering annual that bloom from spring planting until the first hard frost. Because they do well in all but the coldest and hottest conditions, they are a popular and colorful choice of gardeners in many areas of the country, either as a bedding plant or in containers. Description Wax…

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