How to Maintain Columbine Flowers


The columbine plant is a perennial evergreen that grows as a wildflower and as a garden plant. Its wildflower ways make the flower an adaptable, easy-to-grow choice for the garden. The columbine has many varieties. Some grow to only about 6 inches tall, while others grow up to 3 feet high. Varieties boast many different…

How to Maintain African Violets


African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are popular houseplants and seldom grow more than six inches tall. Although the original color of the bloom is deep violet, varieties of the plant produce blooms that are pink, blue and, in some cases, two colors of the noted shades. Maintaining the plants includes providing them sufficient light, giving them…

How to Maintain an Orchid Plant


Orchids, prized for their ornate flowers, are often grown as houseplants. These perennial flowers bloom in nearly every color and some also have spots or stripes on their petals. Many varieties of orchids are available, including those with variegated leaves and those with aromatic flowers. Orchids grow in two types—those that grow in soil and…

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