Ivy Geraniums Bud Problems


Originating in South Africa, the ivy geranium (genus Pelargonium, species Peltatum) bears delicate five-petaled florets in colors ranging from white, light pink and hot pink to magenta, purple and scarlet. As its name indicates, the plant has a trailing habit with ivy-shaped leaves, suiting it well to hanging baskets and window boxes. Perhaps the worst…

How to Overwinter Ivy Geraniums


Geraniums are beloved garden and potted flowers. They come from a large family of flowering plants referred to as geraniums and pelargoniums, with flower colors from white, through pinks and corals to red. They are distinctive plants with rounded leaves, and some varieties, like ivy geraniums, have a trailing habit that makes them ideal for…

How to Winterize Ivy Geraniums


Ivy geraniums are a common flower choice in the outdoor garden. They grow either in pots or in garden soil but they prefer moderate temperatures and won’t survive the cold winter months. Potted geraniums are brought indoors in the fall and will continue growing indoors. Planted geraniums need to be dug up and prepared for…

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