How to Water Begonias


Have you been looking for a plant that is beautiful and easy to take care of? Begonias are a very common flower that can be grown outside or inside and are frequently seen in flower gardens in a variety of colors and sizes. Known for their simple flowers with yellow centers and for their waxy…

How to Grow a Healthy African Violet


African Violets are so beautiful, but can be very difficult to keep healthy. I have had many African Violets over the years. I was lucky if I could keep them alive for a period of two weeks or less. Then my Aunt told me her secret on how she has kept her thirty plus African…

How to Add Ice to Orchid Plants


A large greenhouse operation in Ohio supervised by an even larger floracultural enterprise in Holland has created the "Just Add Ice" orchid craze. They grow their orchids in specially designed pots to force the leaves up and away from the potting mix which allows ice cubes to be put on the mix by the consumer…

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