Heat wave may hit corn crop—and food prices


If the scorching heat wave continues much longer, there could be an impact on the U.S. corn crop—and on consumer’s wallets. “We’ve had oppressive heat indexes, and we’re into the stage of pollination. Anything that interferes with the pollination process will reduce (corn crop) yield potential,” said Shawn McCambridge of Jefferies Bache. Corn futures prices…

Grain traders expect USDA to lower its corn yield forecasts after heat wave


Corn traders are focused on the supply and demand report out today from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that also will update yield forecasts. The USDA’s July forecast put the national yield at 158.7 bushels per acre, up from 153 bushels per acre last year but down from 164 bushels per acre two years ago.…

Heat wave takes toll on Iowa crops, livestock


The heat wave continues to take a toll on Iowa’s crops and livestock. In the weekly crop report on Monday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said 75 percent of the corn crop is in good to excellent shape, a decrease from 80 percent the week before. Seventy-three percent of the soybean crop is in good…

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