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Winter oilseed rape looks likely to be the best for tillage margins


Harvesting of winter barley has been very slow but is finally completed. Yields in general were very good with most farmers achieving their highest yields (9-11t/ha) to date. The higher yields were achieved where soil ...

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SD small grain harvesting on schedule


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) The Agriculture Department says South Dakota had a week of mostly favorable weather with some areas receiving much-needed rain. The agency says in its weekly crop and weather report that small ...

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Go Organic: When it comes to crops, keep harvesting


August is one of the really productive months of the gardening year. It is a time of plenty and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Unfortunately it is also the time when ...

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The unbearable lightness of beans


I HAVE a theory – to true broad bean lovers, a slightly heretical one – as to why so many GYOers choose to grow this vegetable over other, perhaps more productive kinds. My hunch is ...

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