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How to Grow Nelly Moser Clematis


The Nelly Moser clematis is a large-flowered hybrid. It blooms in the middle of June on shorts stems from the growth of the year before. This clematis blooms again in the late summer months, although ...

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How to Grow Calla Lilies Inside


While they aren’t true lilies, calla lily plants produce single-petal, lily-like flowers on tall stalks. They come in colors ranging from pure white to pink and lavender depending on the variety. A tropical plant native ...

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How to Grow Calla Lilies in Pots


A flowering potted houseplant, the calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) provides a tropical look to any home. Gardeners also grow the calla lily as an annual garden plant in regions that suffer frosts or inclement winters. ...

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How to Grow Calla Lilies


The calla lily is an example of an old world flower that has undergone a transformation through selective cultivation. Originally white, it is now available in a rainbow of colors from palest pink and yellow ...

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Quinn samples the show Progress; Illinois farmers know how to grow crops


DECATUR – Gov. Pat Quinn received a warm welcome Tuesday as he made his way through the Farm Progress Show. Quinn spent about an hour at the show, walking through several exhibits, shaking hands and ...

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Wheat prices improve as US maize fears grow


Strong export demand for UK wheat and ongoing concerns for the US maize crop have driven wheat prices higher again this week. The London feed wheat futures November 2011 contract closed at £174/t on Tuesday ...

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Vietnamese develops new method to grow eucalyptus


VietNamNet Bridge – Cao Dinh Hung, a PhD University student in Australia, has been successful in developing a new method of using synthetic seeds to grow native eucalyptus and African mahogany trees, which are traditionally ...

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How to Grow a Cymbidium Orchid


There are many types and species of Orchids. Growing the beautiful Cymbidium Orchid is relatively easy. These beautiful flowers are versatile in color and will brighten any room. The Cymbidium Orchid is widely used for ...

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How to Buy & Grow Green Cymbidium Orchids


Cymbidium orchids are large plants with grassy foliage and huge blooms. The flowers are often used in corsages and as cut flowers. Cymbidium orchids are commonly cultivated outdoors in warm climates like Florida and Texas. ...

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Cymbidium Orchids That Will Grow Well Outside in Tennessee


Cymbidium orchids bloom in profuse clusters, with up to 20 large flowers on each stem. Five soft petals that surround a protruding "lip" on this exotic flower bloom in numerous color combinations. This hardy orchid ...

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