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GM wheat trials to begin in UK


GM wheat trials are to begin in the UK next year, after Defra granted Rothamsted Research permission to release wheat lines genetically modified for resistance to aphids. Hertfordshire-based Rothamsted will conduct trials during 2012 and ...

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Does Kenya need GM crops as it battles famine in the Horn of Africa?


In the midst of a dire need to feed millions of people facing hunger because of drought, Kenya’s newly passed Biosafety Act allows for the importation of GM crops – but at what cost? There ...

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Resistance found in GM maize target pest


Repeated growing of the same type of genetically modified insect-resistant maize appears to have contributed to the first instances of resistance in western corn rootworm being detected in the USA. Field reports from growers in ...

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GM wheat research in full flow


After several years of being the forgotten crop in the global development of genetically modified crops, wheat is suddenly smack bang in the middle of most biotech programmes. It was 2004 when Monsanto decided to ...

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GM corn being developed for fuel instead of food


US farmers are growing the first corn plants genetically modified for the specific purpose of putting more ethanol in gas tanks rather than producing more food. Aid organisations warn the new GM corn could worsen ...

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