German investment fund buying up Kiwi dairy farms


A German fund that has helped European investors acquire $111 million of New Zealand farm land, mainly for dairying, says there is no sign of their interest abating given the bullish outlook for agriculture and food production. Funds advised by Aquila Capital Green Assets, part of Germany’s Aquila Group, have acquired interests in 3983 hectares…

Fears for German wheat keep prop under EU prices


Wheat prices eased in Europe on Wednesday – but not by as much as on US markets, as fears for the quality of Germany’s harvest reduced appetite for selling. FirstFarms, the Copenhagen-listed farm operator, highlighted that many eastern European countries had avoided the rains which have dogged, in particular, parts of Germany and Poland. The…

Russia grains optimism wanes, as German fears rise


The revived optimism over European and Black Sea grains production hit turbulence on Monday with trims to hopes for crops both in Germany and Russia. SovEcon took a Russian crop of much above 90m tonnes off the agenda, after results showing a decline in yields as the harvest has headed north and east. While yields…

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