How Do You Deadhead Peonies?


One of the most effective ways of keeping your peony plants looking their best is to deadhead spent blooms. This practice will also help promote more blossoms this season and give you a stronger plant for next year. Deadheading prevents the flower heads from going to seed, allowing you to control the plants in your…

How to Deadhead Tiger Lilies


Traditional orange tiger lilies often are confused with orange day lilies that grow profusely along roadsides across much of rural America. Tiger lilies are similar in color, but the inner petals contain dark spots similar to a tiger’s coat. Petals curl backward, creating a downward facing bloom. The stalk of the tiger lily resembles the…

Should I Deadhead Columbines?


You Want To Treat Your Flowers Carefully. You may be concerned about damaging your Columbines or leaving them stripped and bare, if you deadhead, or remove the spent blossoms.. Also, you may be concerned about wasting the seeds, which can be used to plant more flowers. Removing Deadheads Helps the Plants Thrive Deadheading helps the…

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