The Problems With Caring for Orchids


Out of the over 20,000 different flowering plant species in the orchid family, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and Dendrobium are the species best suited for growing in the home. Despite what you may have heard about orchids being high maintenance and hard to grow, they can actually be grown quite successfully and with few problems when provided…

Tips on Caring for Dendrobium Orchids


Orchids are the largest family of plants on the planet. Native to Asia, Dendrobiums are one of the largest genera of orchids. Their natural habitat encompasses many climactic zones, so the cultural requirements of Dendrobiums vary considerably. Dendrobiums make good houseplants but they do require careful attention for success. These growing tips are for Dendrobium…

Tips on Caring for Outdoor Bonsai Trees


Outdoor bonsai trees are usually easier to care for than those that like to be kept indoors.  They will naturally fit into a small area of your backyard garden.  They can be kept in a container like indoor trees or placed right into the ground.  If you want to grow one of these trees, there…

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