Bonsai Pruning


Do you wonder what Bonsai Pruning is all about? Well in this article I will show you various aspects of pruning a bonsai. We would need to master pruning techiques in order to give a beautiful shape to our bonsai trees. There are basically two aspects of pruning namely branch pruning and root pruning. Branch…

Growing a Healthy Bonsai Tree


A bonsai is a tree that is a miniature version of any tree that the grower may like to make into a bonsai. The ways to grow a healthy bonsai tree is nor really complicated but will need your regular care. Due to the miniature state of the trees, maintenance is one of the keys…

Growing A Flowering Plum Bonsai


Flowering plum includes a variety of plum trees that are both native and introduced, and can be found growing on the low slopes and in valleys across the United States and southern Canada. They can even be seen by the sides of roads and along fences — especially in those parts of North America with…

Nam Hoa Mai Trading – Production Joint Stock Company


Nam Hoa Mai Trading -  Production Joint Stock Company Trading name: Nam Hoa Mai Corporation Activity to Bussiness Registration Lisence issued by Department of Planning and Investment  Ho Chi Minh City. Office: 333B Minh Phung St., Ward 2, Dist.11, Ho Chi Minh City. Tel:        (08) 39699477   |   39699478   |   39699479 Fax:       (08) 39699476 Email:…

How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Care for your Bonsai Tree : Bonsai Maintenance

Maintaining a bonsai garden is fun and easy with these DIY tips from a bonsai garden professional – free video. Expert: Mike Hansen Bio: Mike Hansen, owner of Midwest Bonsai, has been growing, caring, selling, and instructing others in bonsai care for years. Mike is an expert bonsai master.

Learning To Grow Bonsai Trees In Your Garden

People enjoy gardening and use it as a way of relaxing and getting in contact with something bigger than themselves. Everyone does it at some stage of their life. That doesn’t mean to say everyone has to try the same type of gardening. Why not try something unusual and grow a bonsai tree? Unlike other…

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