Will Vietnamese farmers benefit from new Thai rice pricing policy?


In principle, Vietnamese farmers will get benefits from the new Thai policy under which the government will buy rice at 15,000 baht (500 dollars) per ton from farmers. However, the benefits remain unclear, though the domestic price has increased slightly. How will the rice price be like? While some experts believe that the rice price…

Commodity market would benefit VN coffee


Viet Nam has exported 14.24 million sacks of coffee, or 955 million tonnes, in the last 10 years – 91 per cent of total production. Exports dropped 17 per cent last year compared to 2009, but have risen in 2011. The price has also soared. Reporter Bich Ngoc spoke to Luong Van Tu, chairman of…

Washington wheat growers benefit from cooler weather


Wheat farmers might be the only people in Washington not complaining about the state’s recent run of cool, wet weather. It’s giving them a late but bountiful harvest, and helping balance the paltry crops coming out of the country’s drought-ravaged Plains states. Washington is expected to leapfrog over Texas and Oklahoma in winter-wheat production this…

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