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Archive for April 12th, 2012

How To’s for Peonies


Peonies are attractive, fragrant perennials with lush foliage and large, vibrant blooms. The easy-to-grow herbaceous plants require little maintenance when established. The tuberous roots are left in the soil during the winter months unlike other ...

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How to Stake a Peony Bush


The bushy foliage and tall stems of a peony reach up to 3 feet tall. The flowers bloom in early summer, producing large blossoms on slender, delicate stems that are prone to breakage or falling ...

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Ants on Peony Flowers


In general, ants serve only as annoying pests that are an inevitable presence in your home and garden during the spring and summer. However, some gardeners who grow peony flowers welcome the arrival of ants ...

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If You Cut the Flower Off a Hyacinth Will it Rebloom?


Made famous by Dutch breeders, but native to lands to the east of the Mediterranean Sea, the hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) announces winter’s end with intensely sweet, fragrant flowers. The hyacinth grows from an underground bulb, ...

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