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Archive for April 5th, 2012

How to Grow Geranium (Pelargonium)


Pelargoniums are summer geraniums with showy clusters of flowers that come in white or in shades of red, orange and pink. They’re perfect container plants. Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need Bypass Pruners Compost Makers ...

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How to Save Geraniums Indoors Over Winter


Geraniums are so hardy that they can survive a winter indoors as houseplants. This will save you money on annuals for your garden in the spring, and provide you with lovely foliage and some beautiful ...

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How to Prune Container Geraniums


The scented stems and foliage of the florist geranium (Pelargonium) make an attractive background for the clusters of flowers that repeatedly appear when temperatures are warm. Grown as an outdoor container annual that succumbs to ...

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How to Pinch Geraniums


Geraniums are, according to the International Geranium Society, one of the most "universally popular" plants on Earth. And with good reason. Not only do geraniums add a bright punch of color to any garden, they ...

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How to Keep Geraniums Over the Winter in Virginia


Geraniums are hardy, bright-colored flowers, and a welcome sight in pots, containers and mass plantings. They’re practically insect-proof and will bloom continuously if properly deadheaded, fed and watered. Because Virginia falls mostly in Zone 6 ...

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