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Archive for April 4th, 2012

How to Care for Martha Washington Geraniums


Martha Washington geraniums, also known as regal geraniums, are vibrant flowers ideal for the indoors, where a temperate climate will maintain the blossoms. Martha Washington geraniums bloom in the summer, revealing pink, red and white ...

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How to Pot Geraniums


Geraniums die if left out in cold temperatures, but if they are transported inside, they can survive the winter. Move the flowers into a good-sized pot. Geraniums come in reds, yellows, purples and pinks. The ...

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Red Geranium Care


Red geraniums are a staple in summer bedding, containers and hanging baskets. Their bright red blossoms provide a nice contrast to the light green foliage. They are tolerant, easy-to-grow plants. Starting Plants Geraniums can be ...

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Can You Root a Geranium From a Cutting in Water?


Geraniums add color to any garden bed or patio. Even the gardener without a green thumb can usually manage to cultivate a healthy show of geraniums. Geraniums are easily propagated from cuttings which can be ...

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About Geranium Plants


According to CreativeHomeMaking.com, the geranium plant is a popular flowering plant used to decorate windows or hanging baskets, or for creating potpourris. They bear bright, aromatic flowers that help add color to any garden. Types ...

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