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Archive for March 31st, 2012

How to Bring in Geraniums in the Fall


There are several methods of caring for geraniums over the winter. One old method called for keeping the plants in the basement, but modern heated basements do not provide the best conditions for overwintering geraniums. ...

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How to Store Geraniums for Winter


Geraniums, with their brightly colored blooms, are a flower bed staple. Unfortunately, they will not survive outdoors past the first hard frost. However, geraniums can be stored indoors over the winter with minimal effort. There ...

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What To Do With Geraniums After Winterizing Them


To overwinter a geranium means to bring the plant indoors where it remains alive throughout the winter. It may or may not bloom during the winter, but either way it should thrive, and you’ll be ...

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How to Snap Off Dead Leaves From Geraniums


Geraniums are popular annuals due to their beautiful blooms and relative ease of care. Removing dead leaves from geraniums will help them continue to produce healthy, vibrant blooms. It can be tempting to simply snap ...

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Information on Geraniums


Geraniums (Geranium), herbaceous perennials in the Geraniaceae plant family, originated in Asia, Eastern Europe and the United States. Geranium plants often work well for beginning gardeners because these hardy plants rarely suffer from pest or ...

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