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Archive for March 19th, 2012

Scented Geranium Plants


Scented geraniums are low-maintenance perennial plants that attract butterflies, birds and bees to your yard. Use them indoors as a fragrant, natural air freshener. Fragrance is released when a leaf is touched. The oil collected ...

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Geraniums In Alabama


The state of Alabama falls into zones 7 and 8 of the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zone Map. These areas have average annual minimum temperatures of 0 to 20 degrees F. ...

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Repotted Geraniums Are Dying


A repotted geranium that’s wilting, turning brown or showing other signs of distress is likely suffering from inadequate growing conditions. Correcting these conditions may allow you to save your plant. Bad Soil Geraniums like light, ...

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How to Control Budworms on Geraniums


A budworm, also referred to as a tobacco budworm or a geranium budworm, causes damage to a geranium in several ways. According to Colorado State University, a budworm creates tunnels in the stems of the ...

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