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Archive for March 17th, 2012

Problems and Diseases With Regal Geraniums


Regal geraniums are a group of plants referred to as Pelagonium domesticum. Regal geraniums are also called Martha Washington geraniums. The plants grow to a mature height of 1 to 4 feet and bloom with ...

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How to Identify Wild Geraniums


The wild geranium (Geranium maculatum L.) is a common flowering perennial plant that is native to the United States. Also known as spotted geranium and cranesbill, it grows in 35 states, including all those of ...

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Facts of Wild Geraniums


Many people hearing the word "geranium," think of the common window box and bedding varieties. These are actually pelargoniums. While they are part of the Geraniaceae—or Geranium—family, they are not geraniums. True geraniums grow wild ...

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How to Preserve Geraniums Through the Winter


Each spring, many homeowners decorate their porches and flower beds with colorful geraniums. These flowers are an investment and it’s disappointing to have to send them to the compost pile each fall. Fortunately, you don’t ...

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Propagation of Martha Washington Geraniums


The Martha Washington geranium, or Pelargonium domesticum, blooms differently from other flowers in the geranium family. The Washington variety tends to bloom strong and bright in the early spring and summer, but as the heat ...

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