Organic farming gives better pest control, bigger spuds


PARIS — Supporters of organic agriculture got a boost on Thursday with a scientific study that said pesticide-free potato farming improved control over crop-munching insects and delivered bigger plants. David Crowder, an entomologist at Washington State University, led a team that reviewed published data about local potato fields, looking in particular at plant-chewing beetles and…

Assign A Bug Boss To Tackle Pest Problems


Some things you can always count on during the growing season, and one of those is pest problems, says Missy Bauer, Associate Field Agronomist for Farm Journal. She encourages growers to eliminate the guesswork about insect pressure by assigning someone on the farm the role of pest boss. Here are some brief tips she offers…

‘Balanced’ Ecosystems Seen in Organic Agriculture Better at Controlling Pests, Research Finds


ScienceDaily (July 1, 2010) — There really is a balance of nature, but as accepted as that thought is, it has rarely been studied. Now Washington State University researchers writing in the journal Naturehave found that more balanced animal and plant communities typical of organic farms work better at fighting pests and growing a better plant. The…

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