How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

Learn professional tips on how to plant a bonsai tree, in this free video. Expert: Mike Hansen Bio: Mike Hansen, owner of Midwest Bonsai, has been growing, caring, selling, and instructing others in bonsai care for years. Mike is an expert bonsai master.

Basic Black Pine Ramification

Basic maintenance of black pine bonsai has 3 major elements: 1. bud selection/elimination 2. candle pinching 3. needle plucking Each of these elements is a tool to be used in the overall development of the tree and is used each year.  Use of these techniques allows us to “guide” the energy of the tree in…

Creating a Broom-Style Elm from Mature Stock


A classic style for elms, especially Zelkova serrata, is the broom style.  This style is characteristic of many trees in nature and when done well conveys a realism of miniature nature to an extent seldom found in bonsai.  Ideally, one should begin a broom style tree from seed and cultivate the natural style of a…

Assign A Bug Boss To Tackle Pest Problems


Some things you can always count on during the growing season, and one of those is pest problems, says Missy Bauer, Associate Field Agronomist for Farm Journal. She encourages growers to eliminate the guesswork about insect pressure by assigning someone on the farm the role of pest boss. Here are some brief tips she offers…

‘Balanced’ Ecosystems Seen in Organic Agriculture Better at Controlling Pests, Research Finds


ScienceDaily (July 1, 2010) — There really is a balance of nature, but as accepted as that thought is, it has rarely been studied. Now Washington State University researchers writing in the journal Naturehave found that more balanced animal and plant communities typical of organic farms work better at fighting pests and growing a better plant. The…

The Spring Flower festival – Tao Dan – Ho Chi Minh – Viet Nam


When the spring comes in, all artisans from everywhere of country and abroad bring their products to display and take part in examination at Tao Dan park. A thousand of new strange, attractive and special art products.. of all subjects such as: dried trees, combined stones, bonsai, rock-work, orchid, fresh flowers, ornament trees with flowers,…

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