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Tracy Porter Gardening Video – Easy Container Gardening Tips

Shop Tracy Porter at www.tracyporter.com Blog with us at www.tracyporter.com/blog Container gardening is one of my favorites…so easy, fun, and creatively bliss! Choose a sturdy urn, plant your favorites…lavender is my solution for low maintenance, passionately scented beauty. Enjoy the moveable, decorative fervor of planted perfection. Get to it girls!!

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2 thoughts on “Tracy Porter Gardening Video – Easy Container Gardening Tips

  1. organicforu

    I love lavender too. It is one of my favorites plants I use lavender in my soaps too. It smells great. Thanks 4 sharing tracy,,

  2. naccarini4

    I love lavender as well, never thought to put it in a container! Thank you!

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