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my mealworm setup/ how to breed mealworms

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8 thoughts on “my mealworm setup/ how to breed mealworms

  1. NorCalKid1989

    you should check out the way i do it….i use the same steralyte tubs you do but mine is alot different and allllll of the babys that hatch survive.

  2. shocktehhedgehog

    @mrlamabamaman thanks, not that great because i can make vids a lot better now, but i just dont have the time to make them.

  3. mrlamabamaman

    nice vid

  4. GRIM2594

    OMG get a tripod or something, lol. If I had a weak stomach, I would have had to go puke…

  5. tristensk8r46

    i could do with out all the noise and moving around…

  6. reptiworld

    i took a bunch. i get like deli cups from whole foods

  7. shocktehhedgehog


  8. MasterOfNlnjas

    1st view and comment and rate? o-o

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