Canaries as Pets : How to Breed Canaries

Canaries are fairly easy to breed and the females are dominant and will not let the males near the nest; learn more about breeding canaries in this free pet care video about canaries. Expert: Laura Nessen Bio: Laura Nessen works at The Pet Kingdom in Cottonwood, Arizona. She has many years experience working in pet stores and caring for her own animals. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

25 Replies to “Canaries as Pets : How to Breed Canaries”

  1. you talk rubbish love what u no a bout canarys you can put on the back of a stamp

    my cock gose in the nest with eggs and thay never fight she has had 3 lots of chicks no problems

  2. I have been breeding canaries and have ALWAYS kept my pairs together and all my males help raise the young. A mated pair makes wonderful parents. This woman is making all this up as she talks because she keeps pausing and doesn’t know what to say next.

  3. dont follow this advice its so wrong i bred irish fancie show type canaries they breed great from june to august only let them breed for 3 rounds or else it wll were them out and could go light

  4. Never had a problem with a dominant female I don’t have a lot of experience but been breeding for a few years and my breeding pairs LOVE to share their nest and responsabilities with the baby canaries.

  5. I bred exhibition canaries for 25 years, That lady has not got a clue whats shes talking about.
    I don’t know why the call it expertvillage because most of their videos are full of false information.

  6. to a certain time when they can eat the seeds on there own than you can take them and put them in there own cages but they might not eat as much so watch them.

  7. im trying to find info on how to breed canaries… but i dont think expert village will help at all, because 99% of their expert advice FAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. umm my canary just laid an egg last night and i dont have special food i have canary seed and no heat lamp and im going away for a week and my brother is caring for them what advice do u have for him

  9. “Idiot Village” once again gets it wrong. You need special lighting, special food, and a good book, as well as advice from experienced breeders. Pelvic bones are not accurate. She should put her pinkie finger in her pelvic area and see if she can tell what sex she is. I should laugh at these videos, but it is sad that people might try to follow this false info. She must just like to see herself on UTube. She could have read from a book and have been of more service to the viewer.

  10. I will not waist time telling what she don;t know about canary , i can tell what she knows…………………….the name of the bird !

  11. u r dumb becuase male canary always sing no mather what condation!!!

    i had canary for 14 year and i stel have one and they sing every time

  12. u have absolutely no idea about canaries,,the canary couple love eachother more than u love cheesecake,,,and they would never kill their mates,,, u better go breed CHICKEN,,and never ever speak about canaries,,,,thats animal abuse,,,LOL

  13. i would like to understand your linguage, im brazilian canary breeder. i would like to learn a little bit

  14. canarys only start breeding in spring time and only lasts for 3 months..during molting season the males dont sing…female canary never sings like males do…and it is easy to breed them but if the chicks survive past 2 months is another thing…and in the paper you can buy canarys for $15 to $30 in the pet shops and bird shops max is $80 and thats for blood red factors who sing their guts out…this woman is in koko land…she mistaken canaries with budgies as budgies breed all year long lol

  15. Do not follow this advice. Most of the information is wrong.

    Go to Laura’s store and read one of the canary books instead. And recommend that Laura read it too.

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