A Simple Way to Start a Landscape Design Business

The beauty of this is your only need a computer and some design software now you can get some great programs there are some free trial versions available as design software changes so quickly I suggest you just google it.

The software I use at present Is at The BBC’s gardening web site in the UK its a free tool and I had a play and Found it was very good .

There are two types of landscape gardening, first is self-explanatory you design, then create someone is perfect garden. The second is probably more lucrative and the customers are usually easier to please, this is commercial landscaping for companies and businesses, I suggest we start with landscaping people’s gardens, followed by taking on some commercial projects.

The first step we have to take is to make sure we are thought of as professional, to do this you will need to first learn to use a landscape design programme, Once you have learnt it just make sure you are comfortable with it.

Its Best To Seem Like a Expert

To start with I would recommend you learn how to use the software above, do some designs print them out on high-quality paper, and put them all together in a folder. To do this take some photographs of a friends garden, then use these with your landscape programmes to show where you’d make improvements. The best way if your garden or a friend’s garden needs landscaping, is to do the work and keep a photo diary of it. if it’s for a friend, you could maybe do the work for free if your friend paid to the materials. This would help selling your service as you will have photos of a job already completed.

How To Get Your First Job

Now there are lots of ways to approach this, personally I think I have figured out the best for you. Do a show garden at a local flower show or country show, just about any large event where you get a lot of people who are interested in gardens or homes.

You can usually get the space for free, if you are willing to put on a display if you do have to pay to space, I suggest selling some plants just to cover the cost.

Just type ‘show and the place you live’ into Google with a bit of searching around you should get all sorts of events come up that are local to you.

You can either choose to exhibit inside or outside, I suggest outside throughout the summer, and to be honest, it’s not worth creating a show garden in winter is your display plants will not look brilliant.

For your display garden I suggest about 12feet by about 12 feet. In this area incorporate a patio with slabs or deck covering about two thirds of the area, have a table and chairs with a few planters on the deck/patio. Round the edge of the patio, have raised bed, using some wood to build up is usually the easiest. In the raised beds, use of the large plants and trees if you can get them, then under plant with some herbaceous perennials and a few bedding You can usually drum up a lot of interest this way.

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